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12 Amazing Indian Economic Services Benefits

Are you preparing for the Indian Economic Service? Here’s the best amazing benefits one can be informed about. But before going further lets understand what actually is Indian Economic Services.?

Indian Economic Services

The Indian Economic Service, also known as IES or I.E.S., is an inter-ministerial and interdepartmental Central Civil Service that is a member of Group A of the Indian Government’s executive branch. The cadre jobs, which total more than 55 across various Central Government departments and ministries, is what makes the service special. It is a highly specialized and expert agency inside the Indian Government that provides economic analysis and policy recommendations.

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Here’s the best guidance available for clearing the exam and attaining a good rank.

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So here’s the best 6 benefits one can avail from Ecoholics

Ecoholics provides amazing benefits for clearing Indian Economic Services

1. Live and recorded classes available on desktop and mobile apps.

  • Live classes in the evening, so working candidates can also avail the benefit, just get refreshed with a cup of coffee and start with your classes from  6pm.

2. Presentations by Prominent Economists with Expert mentorship and advice.

  • Ecoholics has joined hands with the prominent economists who give expert mentorship onthe specialised subject.

3.Unlimited doubt resolution

  • Faculties are available 24*7 for unlimited doubt resolution, also explain them with practical relevance and case studies.

4. Print Study Resources with week’s current events PDF.

  • Do not worry, if you forget to make notes during the classes, Ecoholics provide you with written material, so you can access it anytime and anywhere. 

5. Tests every week for rigorous answers writing practice.

  • With proper guidance and teachings, there is a need to check the knowledge you have gained. So every week test series are there after completion of the topic.

6. Quick copy inspection before the upcoming test.

  • To know where you are lacking, regular evaluation of your knowledge is must, so the faculty evaluate the answer sheet accordingly and provide reviews for the same.

The most important benefit which you can avail from Ecoholics is MOCK Interviews as prescribed by Indian Economic Services.

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These are the best 6 benefits you can avail from joining Ecoholics

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So now you have cleared exam and getting into the training, the training for Indian Economic Services is bifurcated into two phase

  1. Foundation Course at LBSNAA
  2. Advance Course at Institute for Economic Growth

Going forward, let’s come to the most interesting and thrilling part, i.e after completing all the training what all are the benefits.

Before that, please do go through the link given below for smart tips and full day strategy to manage your time.

Time management 

Even if you are working, Ecoholics provide with you the best time management tips so that your preparation of Indian Economic Services and work goes hand in hand.

Now, let’s discuss the 6 benefits of joining as an officer in Indian Economic Services


  1. Work with central ministry
  • It is most of the youths dream to work with the ministry of India, so being IES this dream of yours will be fulfilled.
  1. Be a part of Budget Policy
  • Work with the planning committee, allotting the budget for the country.
  1. Get all the necessary allowances like (HRA, DA, TA, Medical Leave, Maternity Leave)
  • Being a gazetted officer, the government provides you with Official Vehicle, House and many more allowances as said above.
  1. Pay scale starting from Rs.15,600 – 39,100
  2. Posting in Metro Cities
  3. In your subsequent career, the government will fully fund your PhD.
  • If planning further to add (Dr) before your name, the government of India fully funds your PhD course.

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Indian Economic Services has a very specific syllabus which can be covered in proper time strategystrategy, which will be provided by Ecoholics.

Let’s not bombard you with lots of information at once. We will just conclude that, IES (The Indian Economic Services) Exam, however, is challenging to pass. Even yet, studying for the exam is worthwhile because of the numerous prospects for growth, exposure, and exposure that come with passing the test. It enables a person to assist the nation by developing and planning economically sound policies, managing the economic facets of any agreement or policy, and putting the plans into action. 

One can succeed in working for the most lucrative international organizations or as the finance secretary of the Indian government.

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