Analysis of General English in Indian Economic Services

Do you know, General English is also an important exam for UPSC Indian Economic Services

There are two sections to the Indian Economic Services exam: the written portion, which carries a maximum of 1000 marks, and the oral portion, which carries a maximum of 200 points.

The written exam, which accounts for about 80% of the overall marks in the IES exam, is the key to eventually seeing oneself succeed. One must exercise considerable caution when completing the written portion because it will be up against serious students from highly regarded universities like Delhi University and JNU in India.

As there are other important subjects, many students ignore General English and as a result scoreless in the subject.

For the preparation, stick to the article for amazing tips

Let’s talk about General English…

Importance of Exam

100 out of 1000 points are awarded for general English. This portion of the test is crucial for doing well in a personal interview.

For example, if a candidate is self-made, from an impoverished area, or comes from a very rural background, his low speaking abilities may prevent him from scoring as highly on the personality test.

Thus, the written portion of the test will be his or her strong suit.

NOTE: Regardless of the category to which one belongs, one must obtain a minimum of 15 % in General English.

PYQs analysis

  1. Use the following idioms and phrasal verbs in sentences to bring out their meaning clearly:
  • At a loss of words: not knowing what to say, especially because you are very surprised or shocked
  • To look down upon: to consider someone or something lesser or inferior in some way.

I have no idea why some people look down upon those who speak with an accent—that means they know at least two languages! 

  1. Write an essay on any one of the following in about 800 words

Free speech as a democratic right. (2019)

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in any democracy. As correctly said by Deeyah Khan “Freedom of speech are a human right and the foundation upon which democracy is built. Any restriction of freedom of speech is a restriction upon democracy.”

It gives people the ability to express their opinions freely, without fear of censure or retribution. This right is essential for democracy to function properly, as it allows for an open exchange of ideas and allows the public to hold their leaders accountable. In India, freedom of speech is enshrined in the Constitution and is protected by law. This ensures that everyone has the right to express their views without fear of reprisal. However, there are some limits on free speech, such as laws against hate speech or incitement to violence. These limits are necessary to protect public safety and order and do not prevent people from expressing their views freely. overall, free speech is essential for democracy to flourish, and India is committed to upholding this fundamental right. However, there are many occasions in which exercising one’s right to free speech results in the propagation of intolerance across communities, the incitement of hatred, and the use of violence by individuals. utilizing the right to free speech.

Q3. What determines whether a resource is scarce? Why is the concept of scarcity important to the definition of economics? (5 Marks)

A3. Scarcity of resource is determined when demand of that resource is more than the availability if that resource. Goods are thus scarce because the productive resources are scarce. Since the resources are limited in relation to our wants, we should get most out of what we have through optimum utilization of resources.

The concept of scarcity is important to definition of economics because it studies human behavior as a relationship between scarce resources and unlimited wants which gives rise to problem of choice. In other words, we have the problem of allocating scarce resources so as to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction of the wants of the people. Therefore, Economics is the science that studies how to make choices between alternative uses of scarce resources.

Golden Preparation Tips

Earlier, the students used to take General English subjects very lightly and hence scored fewer marks degrading their rank. 

Hope you are not the one among them and will take the subject seriously. So here are some tips by which you can prepare the subject in a few days.

First, go through the detailed syllabus for General English of Indian Economic Services.

Detailed English Syllabus

  • Read the Newspaper daily, the most preferred newspapers are The Hindu and The Indian Express, also one can adhere to the local newspaper as it covers the news and facts.
  • Read good novels of your choice, and watch English movies.
  • Comprehend and visualise a variety of aspects, such as the social and economic ones, this will help you in essay writing.
  • Communicate in English with your friends or wherever you get the opportunity.
  • Practice all of the previous year’s exam questions as well as at least 15 to 20 precis before writing them in the test for Precis.
  • One must adhere to the rules in a Standard English grammar book for grammar elements like idioms and phrasal verbs.

Also for more preparation tips, tap on the link for the preparation tips video

 Preparation Tips Video

Value Addition

Good handwriting will be the value addition in General English.

Here good handwriting refers to a clean write-up without cuts and scribbles.

And when we talk about the writing part in General English, the candidate has to write an essay, precis, etc.

So, while writing an essay, one can segregate the essay into parts like

  • Introduction

A brief idea about the topic.

  • A good Quote

This quote should be related to the topic given for the essay.

  • Main matter

A gist about the topic, mentioning its pros and cons, solutions, etc.

  • Example 

An example in the essay, shows that the candidate is well aware of the topic. So one can write a connecting example for the topic given. 

  • Self View

Here you can write your views concerning the topics.

  • Conclusion

Here one can write the way forward of the topic, keeping in mind the content that you have written above.

These value additions will make your answers good and impress the reader.

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