The globalization of our culture and its competition are becoming increasingly rapid and, as a result, very dynamic. Recently, economic analysts, economic experts, and economic advisors enjoy rising technical job potential. These specialists will very easily manage the rising uncertainty of society. National and foreign businesses employ many well-trained economists. In terms of a career in economics in India after the 12th viewpoints for economists, banking and insurance industries are crucial. The career in economics in India improved several times after liberalization, privatization, and globalization. Below are some career options after masters in economics in India

Indian Economic Services (IES)

Those that finished M.Sc. Or MA. Or MA. Indian Economics exam administered by the UPSC can be completed in Economics with a minimum of 55 percent marks and in the age group of 21-30. This support for the Central Group is known as Group-A.


These category officials undertake tasks in the Planning Commissions such as economic planning and research (now replaced by NITI Aayog). You will also work on the Board of Planners, the Minister of Economic Affairs, the National Survey of Samples, and other agencies needing knowledgeable economic experts.

Banking Services within the Public Sector

The Indian Reserve Bank is now involved in its recruitment tests to employ economists in the banking sector. Persons 21-28 years of age can take the RBI test. Candidates may also find vacancies in academic organizations such as the NCR, New Delhi, the Indian Committee of Social Science Research, the Economic Development Institute, New Delhi, etc.

International and Private Banks

For private and international banks, candidates with an economic history should pursue. They are division managers, staff, economic consultants, growth officers, etc. the holders of post-graduate economics may also be assigned to numerous insurance firms (both Government & private). Insurance advisors, insurance brokers, development managers, decision leaders, etc., are the insurance industry profiles.

International Organisations

An eminent international institution, including the World Bank and the International Labour Organisation, will recruit economists with a wealth of expertise and reputation. Economic graduates may also serve in non-governmental organizations. Students in economics may also serve as tax advisors following a certificate/diploma in taxation.


As scholars for the conservation and technology management of forests and forestry services, students who have obtained a degree in resource economics, agricultural economy, and environmental science may be employed. The exam administered by the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Council will include applicants with a master’s degree in economics and a specialty in agricultural economics. The applications for a position are eligible for a degree in business and news and mass communications in print and electronic media. Lecturers from various colleges and institutes can work in business journals and newspapers, TV and web channels as economic journalists. In these newspapers, they write stories on economic and business activities.

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