Q.1 How do I Enroll?

Ans.1 Go to the website and choose your respective course. After choosing course select the variant you want to go for, add to cart, apply coupon code if applicable and make the payment by choosing any digital payment platform. After making payment you will get a receipt and your enrollment is successful.

Q.2 What do you mean by Validity?

Ans. 2 Validity is the time period or variant that you have chosen. For example, if it is 6 months validity it means you will be able to access video for 6 months.

Q.3 How will I Ask Doubts (if any) Related to subject?

Ans. 3 We have different modes where students can get doubt resolution. They are

  • Mail – student can mail their doubt
  • During live classes also student can ask their doubt via chat box
  • Student can also book their appointment with the faculty and ask their doubt via conference call.

Q.4 Can I Extend my Validity?

Ans. 4 Yes, student can extend the validity by paying 75% of the present fees. Student can choose the variant up to which he/she wanted to extend his/her validity either 6 months or 12 months.

Q.5 Can I Pay in Installments?

Ans. 5 Installment option is only available for courses like IES, RBI Grade B DEPR, MA Entrance and Economics Optional. Student can part the payment in 2 halves, 1st half in 1st month and the rest in 2nd month.

Q.6 How Can I Get this Course?

Ans. 6 You can get the course by choosing the variant that you want to opt for i.e whether you want basic, advance or premium. Then you can add your desired variant of the course to the cart and make payment.

Q.7 After Registration, how can I access the Class?

Ans. 7 After registration your Academic Counsellor will add you to the respective batch and that batch will  appear on your Ecoholics mobile application. From there you can access the classes and announcement.

Q.8 How Can I get Study Material?

Ans. 8 After enrolling for the course, student will be forwarded a google form where in he/she have to fill all the details. After submitting the form, material will be dispatched. It takes around 8-10 working days for the material to be delivered.

Q.9 As I am working Profession its difficult to balance the classes and job?

Ans. 9 Majority of the live classes take place in evening time when most of the working professionals get free. But incase you miss any live class you will be able to access the recorded version with in 24hrs – 48hrs.

Q-10 Can I download the Video?

Ans. 10 No, you cannot download the video but you can access them unlimited times.

Q.11 Which Device can I use for the classes?

Ans. 11 Student can use both mobile phone or desktop to attain the classes. But only 1 device at the time or you will be blocked if you use 2 devices at a time.

Q.12 Where can I clear my Doubts?

Ans. 12 We have different modes where students can get doubt resolution. They are

  • Mail – student can mail their doubt
  • During live classes also student can ask their doubt via chat box
  • Student can also book their appointment with the faculty and ask their doubt via conference call.

Q.13 Can I Purchase a Single Subject Video and Material?

Ans.13 Single subject course is not available. All the courses consist of full syllabus and modules. Single module or single subject can’t be purchased.

Q.14 Can I Purchase only Study Material?

Ans, 14 Only IES, UGC-NET Economics and Economics Optional study material can be purchased separately. For other subject it is not available separately.

Q.15 How Can I give My Answer Writing Test on Online mode?

Ans.15 You can write the answer on a sheet, then you can scan the sheet and send it on mail id . Mail id will shared after enrollment.

Q.16 What are the requirement to attend the online classes ?

Ans. 16 A good network connection and a phone or desktop (laptop/computer)

Q.17 How will a student enter a class ?

Ans. 17 You will be notified whenever live classes happen, via that notification you can access the live class.

Q.18 How many Student will be there in live classes ?

Ans. 18 It depends but, on an average, in between 80-100 students.

Q.19 What if a student faces a technical problem during live class ?

Ans. 19 All live classes are recorded , you can access the recorded version of the class.

Q.20 How to attend Free Demo Class ?

Ans. 20 There are 100+ videos and demo classes uploaded on Ecoholics mobile application which are freely available.

Q.21 Will I get Hard Copy Study Material ?

Ans. 21 Yes , we do provide Hard copy study material in Advance and Premium variant of the course.

Q.22 Do you provide scholarship to student ?

Ans. 22 We do provide scholarship test and according to the merit discount will be provided.

Q.23 Do you Provide Counselling related to student’s problem and career planning ?

Ans. 23 We do provide Student counselling and Career Counselling. Our Academics Counsellor helps the student with their doubt and they do arrange the call with the faculty for better clarity.

Q.24 What will happen if Student miss Live class?

Ans. 24 All live classes are recorded, you will be able to access the recordings within 24hrs to 48hrs.

Q.25 Will I be able to interact with other online students ?

Ans. 25 For live classes students there is a group formed on the Ecoholics mobile application , there you can interact with other classmates.

Q.26 If I have any doubt after completion of the course ,Can I Ask my doubt?

Ans. 26 Yes , we will provide you unlimited doubt resolution up till clearance of the exam.

Q.27 Can I cancel my course at any time ?

Ans. 27 You can withdraw the course whenever you want to but there will be no refund after purchasing of the subscription.

Q.28 What dose the course include ?

Ans. 28 It depends on the variant you choose :-

Basic course – recorded classes, current affair pdf and unlimited doubt resolution.

Advance Course -Live classes, Hardcopy study material, Current affair and unlimited doubt resolution.

Premium course – Live classes, Hardcopy study material, weekly Test , Current affair and unlimited doubt resolution.

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