How to Prepare for JNU MA Entrance?

Jawaharlal Nehru University is one of the most prestigious university in India and one of the finest choices to pursue your masters in Economics, The unique programme for masters in was started in in 1195 and is designed keeping in mind the changing economic environment of India and the global economy making it desirable for every individual who wants to pursue an MA in economics. The two year course is divided into four semesters and offers a specialisation in world economy as well.In this blog we talk about the career opportunities you have ahed with a MA in Economics and and all you need to know about how to get into JNU and explore the world of Economics with smart pears like you.

What you can do with a MA in Economics 

  1. Education: If you continue your education after an MA in Economics, you can go for M.Phil or a PhD and apply for positions like Lecturer/ Asst. Professor in various colleges/ Universities. 
  2. Government Jobs: You can apply for various competitive exams after your economics MA. Exams like RBI DPER and UGC NET require a strong background in economics. You can also take up economics optional when attempting UPSC as your previous knowledge of economics will allow you to get high scores in your optional.  
  3.  Actuary and Data Analysis: You can also be a perfect fit for building a career in actuarial science and data analysis since it requires predicting risks, liability management, mathematics, probability and a combination of skills which a MA in economics can get you ready for. 
  4. Entrepreneurship: An MA in Economics can help you become successful as an entrepreneur because it enables you to possess in-depth knowledge of various economic matters, concepts and principles, making it easier for you to analyse trends in the market.   
  5. Credit Analyst: Credit Analysts, as the name implies, are professionals who assess a person’s or a company’s creditworthiness. They undertake microeconomic evaluations of potential clients to evaluate and identify the risks associated with lending them credit.
  6. Market Research Analyst: By utilising the data at hand, a Market Research Analyst seeks to increase a company’s earnings. They do this by closely monitoring and studying market trends to determine which products/services will be the most successful in a specific industry. They use their economics knowledge, as well as their analytical and statistical talents, to solve business challenges using data.

MA Economics entrance exam 

For someone who wants to go for a MA in Economics, there are various reputed universities in India which you can consider, like: Lady Shree Ram college for women, JawaharLal Nehru University, Delhi School of Economics, IGNOU etc. But to get into these prestigious universities you need to clear their exams. For which you must keep the following things in mind

Know your syllabus-  Before you start studying make sure that you have done your research, which means going through the syllabus thoroughly and knowing what to expect in your exams and then start preparing accordingly. Knowing your syllabus well will also help you figure out your study material and preparation strategy as well so always make sure that you know your syllabus well.

Solve past year’s papers- When it comes to competitive exams, previous year’s question papers are the best resource for robust preparation. At Ecoholics we understand the needs of an aspirant and aspire to help them in their journey in every possible way, which is why we have question papers for various exams like RBI DPER, IES and Economics Optional ready for you to download. By solving previous year’s question papers, you get an idea about the exam pattern, the format, the marking scheme and the level of difficulty of an exam. With regular practice, you can time yourself and make sure you solve it on time. 

Those candidates who want to crack these are advised to solve and analyze these papers thoroughly as it would make it easier for them to cover the syllabus and find out the plot holes in their preparation along with their strong areas. By solving previous year’s papers regularly, you can also get the confidence you need to excel in your exams!   


While self preparation may sound like a good idea, good coaching can help you pick up pace and get your way ahead of other aspirants. While going to a coaching can be a a task an online coaching can be something you must consider if you want to crack these exams as a good coaching will guide you in the right direction and provide you with all the tools you need to crack these exams. 

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