How to prepare for MA in Economics exam

MA in Economics is a two years long course which is an ideal choice for someone who has a genuine interest in Economics and wants to build their career in it as well. An MA in Economics means a deep insight in this subject and knowledge about aspects of economy in the society. Once you have set your mind and want to pursue an MA in Economics from a renowned institute in India you must be ready to face the competition and work hard in order to beat the people around you. Here are some tips you can implement to crack

Know your syllabus

 Before you start studying make sure that you have done your research, which means going through the syllabus thoroughly and knowing what to expect in your exams and then start preparing accordingly. Knowing your syllabus well will also help you figure out your study material and preparation strategy as well so always make sure that you know your syllabus well.

Solve past year’s papers

When it comes to competitive exams, previous year’s question papers are the best resource for robust preparation. At Ecoholics we understand the needs of an aspirant and aspire to help them in their journey in every possible way, which is why we have question papers for various exams like RBI DPER, IES and economics optional ready for you to download. By solving previous year’s question papers, you get an idea about the exam pattern, the format, the marking scheme and the level of difficulty of an exam. With regular practice, you can time yourself and make sure you solve it on time. 

Those candidates who want to crack these are advised to solve and analyse these papers thoroughly as it would make it easier for them to cover the syllabus and find out the plot holes in their preparation along with their strong areas. By solving previous year’s papers regularly, you can also get the confidence you need to excel in your exams!  


Putting the same amount of hard work into your preparation every day will lead to high scores, so make sure you learn, practise and revise every day with planned gaps to cool yourself down simultaneously. Make sure you don’t lose your flow with the help of scheduled revisions, test series and PYQs. To get your hands on exclusive test series and get expert feedback on your performance make sure you sign up with Ecoholics.  

Concise notes

 You would be well aware of the syllabus’s vastness, so you must make notes the smart way and include only what’s important by cutting out the clutter. Your notes should be organised as well so you can find whatever you need quickly. Make sure you don’t waste your time making notes for everything and make notes that help you during your revision, which means knowing the art of making notes well and covering everything important and knowing what to leave out while making notes.  

Built your basics

Before moving on to complex topics, make sure that your basics are clear. Clear your doubts and build a strong foundation by starting with NCERTs. You can start off your preparation by reading class 12th and 11th NCERT and then adding advanced level books to your list.  

Online coaching

 While self study may sound like a great idea, a good online coaching can help you crack your MA entrance exam easily. A good coaching can give you a sense of direction, exclusive study material and expert guidance at the comfort of your home so you can prepare for your exams with a lot of flexibility even if you’re a working professional.  Also no wasting time on doing a lot of research to find the best books and PYQs as at an online coaching all this is served on a platter to you. The most tough part when it comes to competitive exams  is current affairs and online coaching’s provide you with great resources for that as their content is daily updated. Most coaching’s also have their own test series which can prove to be vital for regular practice and help your crack MA entrance exams

Make newspapers your best friend

Make sure you stay updated and read the newspaper religiously daily as it will give you an edge over other candidates. You can stay updated about everything which is going on in the economy of the country with the help of newspapers which you can read everyday and make notes as well in order to stay up to date. You can then divide it further into sub topics like agriculture, industry, service and fiscal policy etc. Monthly magazines are also a great way to stay up to date with everything economics along with RBI reports, budget and economic surveys.

Analyse the exam pattern

Make sure you are well versed with exam patterns, understand the needs and expectations of different levels, and manage your time accordingly. This can be again done by solving PYQs, as then you can time yourself and see if you’re attempting the entire paper on time and also get an idea what to expect in the exam, you can learn that through analysing what has been asked in the past so you know what they can ask in the coming exam. One more way you can do this is by interacting with aspirants who have already appeared for this exam and can give you some valuable insights. 

Hope you find these tips helpful and are ready to face the competition head on. Even if you’re not, we have got you covered. Sign up with Ecoholics, the one-stop destination for all your learning needs. Study economics the smart way and get an in-depth understanding of this dynamic subject with our holistic approach. Our team of expert faculties help you polish your knowledge and provide you with one-on-one mentorship and doubt-clearing sessions, so you leave no stone unturned when it comes to your preparation. By signing up with us, you can access our live classes, video lectures, test series and get the hard copy of study material delivered to your doorstep, so your preparation never hits a bump!

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