Job Profile for BA economics Student

Job Profile For BA Economics Student

Economics as a discipline covers everything from rural studies, statistics, and GDP to banking, finance, and development, and is currently gaining interest due to its broad applicability. The field is full of knowledge, theories, and analytics.

Jobs like economist, financial risk analyst, accountant, investment analyst, financial consultant, data analyst, and more are available as career opportunities in economics. 

You can discover a comprehensive overview of the job options in economics right here. 

Due to globalization and the subsequent integration of the global economy, employment prospects have risen; not just in India but all throughout the world, there is a significant need for qualified economists as a whole.

Top job openings for graduates with a BA economics include:

  • Professional economist

Economists are responsible for a variety of tasks, including analyzing market trends, advising businesses and governments on economic issues, and developing econometric forecasting models. In order to make complicated economic statistics understandable to non-technical audiences, economists must be effective communicators.

  • Public Sector Banking Services

The most typical and well-liked job path in economics is this one. The Reserve Bank of India uses its own unique hiring exams to find economists for the banking industry. Your age range should be between 21 and 28 years old.

Additionally, positions are available at research organizations such as the National Council of Applied Economic Research in New Delhi, the Indian Council of Social Science Research, the Institute of Economic Growth in New Delhi, etc. To get hired by a bank, one might take the IBPS and State Bank recruitment exams.

  • Actuarial Science

An increasingly popular job choice for graduates of economics is actuarial science. Actuaries assess risk in the financial, insurance, and other sectors using mathematical expertise and statistical techniques. You will be able to function in this profession with the maximum expertise thanks to the practical and analytical knowledge incorporated in economics.

  • Policymaking

Many students choose to study Economics at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to succeed as researchers and policymakers since the fundamental competency of an Economics graduate is his or her capacity to comprehend the economy as a whole. Future career goals can include becoming the state’s or nation’s finance minister, a central banker, or someone in another technical policy-making position. Aside from being duly elected, other ways to actively shape policy are through academia combined with active policy dialogues or by becoming a technocrat (or technical bureaucrat).

  • Indian Economic Services (IES)

Candidates for the civil service who are gifted in economics might aim for the IES. Along with other issues including economic reforms, regulation, price fixing, and monitoring, economists in this field contribute to the establishment of policies and programs.

  • Also to know more about Indian Economic Services, go through the link
  • International Agencies

In a well-known international agency like the World Bank or the International Labor Organization, experienced and well-known economists may find work chances.

  • Entrepreneurship

Market knowledge will be extensive among economists. They will swiftly pick up on market trends and lucrative company niches. They can therefore quickly experience exponential growth by starting their own firm. As a result, this method might generate a lot of work prospects. In addition, it will aid in lowering the nation’s unemployment problem.

  • Law

With your combined understanding of law and economics, you are qualified for jobs in corporate law, market analysis, and public policy. You can pursue a 2-year degree in law once you have earned your Economics diploma.

  • Economic Writer

Following the completion of a bachelor’s degree in economics, being an economist is a suitable career choice if you enjoy reading and researching current financial and marketing trends. You will learn a wide variety of information and skills as an economist.

Making forecasts based on all the research and surveys you undertake as an economist will be your primary duty. You will also gather and analyze data, conduct surveys, and assess government policy. These forecasts will be connected to current financial developments.

You must have a thorough understanding of every aspect of finance to be an economist. Additionally, you must be analytically minded. talents in research, logical thinking, and communication.

Dr. Viral Acharya on Quest for Restoring Financial Stability in India 
  • Career in Education

Earning a degree in economics, it offers one of the strongest career prospects. You can apply for CTET or other state-level teaching tests as an Economics graduate and work as a teacher.

A candidate who has earned an M.A. in Economics with at least a 55% grade point average may choose to pursue a Ph.D. at any university or take the National Eligibility Test for the University Grants Commission (UGC NET), which is currently administered by National Testing Agency.

A candidate can obtain a junior research fellowship at a research institution or qualify for the position of assistant professor in Indian universities and colleges by passing this test. Ph.D. holders are likely to have greater work options across all industries.

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Prospects for Economics

A bachelor’s degree in economics is a fantastic program that will provide students with several career options. What you can accomplish with a BA economics has been explored throughout the essay. With so many employment options available to those with a BA economics, confusion is inevitable.

There is nothing to be puzzled about, though, since you must have read the material and are aware of the qualifications needed and the range of each sector. Choose the one that best fits your talents and career goals right now.

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