Section I : Economics 


1. Micro Economics : Theory of Consumer Behaviour, Theory of Firm, Theory of Markets, Theory of Distribution and General Equilibrium. 

2. Macro Economics : National Income Accounting, Macro Economic stabilization policies, Fiscal and Monetary Policies, – Classical, Keynesian and Monetarists, Rational Expectation and Supply side Economics, Public Finance – Theory of Taxation, Expenditure and Borrowing / Debt. 

3. Economics of Development and Planning – Theory of Growth and Development, Regional Imbalances, Planning – Types, Models and Evaluation of Plans, Project Economics, and Economic and Financial sector reforms. 

4. International Economics – Theories of trade, Foreign Exchange Market, Balance of Payments, International Monetary System and WTO. 

5. Money and Banking 


Section II : Agricultural Economics 


1. Basic principles of Farm Management 

2. Role of Agriculture in Economic Development 

3. Factor Market – Land Market, Labour Market, including wages and capital Market 

4. Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Prices and Terms of Trade 

5. Rural Credit Structure – Formal and Informal, Capital Formation in Agriculture 

6. Development Programmes including Poverty Alleviation and Rural Employment 

7. Agricultural Policy and planning 


Section III : Elementary Statistics for Economics 


1. Measures of central tendency and dispersion- correlation, regression, Time-series analysis and index number 

2. Theory of Probability, Sampling theory, Sampling Design and its application 

3. Statistical Inference and Estimation, Statistical Tools and their application in Economic Analysis and Input – Output Analysis.

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