• Global Elocution Competition



Team Ecoholics greets you for the day and hopes you all are in your pink.

The world is facing one of the toughest times in its history and every one of us has been ranting on innumerable issues relating to the novel virus. However, it is imperative to note that talking about only the problems is a problem in itself. For that very reason, Ecoholics is organising an Global Elocution Competition concerned with the probable solutions of various matters relating to COVID-19.

Details of the competition:


Date – 3rd May 2020

Time – 17:00 Hours Indian Standard Time

Participants – Anyone of any age group from India or outside India (open competition)

Registration – Free for all

What is the meaning of Elocution Competition?

Ans – The skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation.

The competition will unfold in two rounds-

Round 1 (Selection Round): In this round, the participants will have to submit a short video of not more than 3 minutes on explaining the top most concerns associated with the topic. Our team will shortlist 10 contestants for the final round of the competition.

Note: Participants of both the rounds will be entitled to Certificates of Participation

Entries from outside India are also welcomed.

Steps to make a video for Nomination:

  1. Horizontal or Landscape camera mode.
  2. It should be not more than 3 minutes
  3. Make sure sound quality (no background noises).
  4. Make sure there is a less head room on top of the screen.
  5. Mention your Name, City and Country in the video.
  6. Be clear, audible and loud.
  7. Video will be shortlisted on the basis of the following grounds- Points put forth
  • Examples
  • Content
  • Presentation/oratory skills
  • Clarity of thought
  • Confidence and fluency

Round 2 (Competition): The competition will be held between 10 contestants on Zoom Meeting.

The competitor will have to speak for not more than 6 minutes and will be judged on the following grounds, points put forth, examples, contents, presentation/oratory skills, clarity of thought, confidence and fluency.

A sample on the structure of the competition-

         Introduction (1 minute)

         Key Problems (2 minutes)

         Probable Solutions (3 minutes)

Process for Registration:

  1. Fill the form given in the link-
  2. Send the video for Round 1 via Whatsapp (7223946092), Telegram (7223946092) or E-mail (

Rewards for the Winners:

1)         Certificate of Merit to the Winner, Runner-up and Second runner-up

2)         Certificate of Participation to each participant

3)         Cash prizes- Winner: Rs. 3000/- (INR)

                                    Runner up: Rs. 2000/- (INR)

                                   Second Runner up: Rs. 1000/- (INR)

Instructions and Important Notes

  1. Language – English only
  2. Do not read and speak during any of the rounds.
  3. You can refer to points from a page, etc but do not read out whole speech from your notes.
  4. Speak slowly without any rush.
  5. Be clear, audible and loud.
  6. Decision of all the judges will be final and binding.
  7. Independent external judges will feature (Eminent Economists & Professors).
  8. Videos of all the participant will be posted on all Social Media accounts of Ecoholics.
  9. Last date for Round one is 1st May.
  10. Final Results will be declared on 5th May.