7 Great Career Options in Economics that you can go for

 A degree in Economics means a deep insight in this subject and knowledge about aspects of the economy in the society. A deep knowledge  in economics will make you understand better how economics plays a huge role in your everyday life. Economics is a very important and vast subject which can help you pick up various careers ahead of you and some of them are: 


If you want to continue your education after earning an MA in Economics, you can pursue a PhD or an M.Phil. and apply for jobs as a lecturer or assistant professor at different schools and universities.

Competitive exams 

After earning your MA in economics, you can apply for a number of competitive tests. A solid understanding of economics is required for tests like the RBI DPER and UGC NET. When applying for the UPSC, you can also choose the economics optional because your prior economics knowledge would help you perform well on the exam.

Data Analysis

A data analyst is essential for any business as they review data to identify key insights into a business’s customers and ways data can be used to solve problems. A MA in economics can help you prepare for a career in actuarial science and data analysis, which involves a variety of skills, including the ability to foresee risks, manage liabilities, use arithmetic, and calculate probabilities.


 An MA in Economics can help you succeed as an entrepreneur since it allows you to have a thorough understanding of a variety of economic issues, concepts, and principles, which makes it easier for you to analyse market trends.

Credit Analyst

A credit analyst, analyses the credit worthiness of the customers and potential customers and assists in ongoing management and modelling of credit risk.As the name suggests, credit analysts are experts who evaluate a person’s or a business’ creditworthiness. To assess and identify the risks involved in extending credit to potential clients, they conduct microeconomic analyses of those individuals.

Research Analyst

 A Market Research Analyst uses the available data to boost a company’s profits. They accomplish this by carefully observing and analysing market trends to ascertain which goods and services will succeed in a certain sector. They use data to address business problems by combining their understanding of economics with their skills in analysis and statistics.


 By becoming an economist you can study the production and distribution of resources, goods and services by collecting and analysing data, researching trends and evaluating economics issues. By becoming an economist you can understand how economics plays out in real life. To become an economist you can start off by getting your undergraduate degree in Economics, followed by masters then a Phd in Economics or Econometrics.

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