4 things to do after your IES results

As you all must be aware, Indian Economic service results are here and we hope that you cracked the exam with flying colours.  But once you have your results, what’s the next step ?When we talk about writing and preparation, there are levels of preparation for IES. After you go through the syllabus, study and crack the examination then comes the part where you have to face the panel and unlike the written exam you can’t predict the interview by analysing the past trends so it can be a curveball where you can go absolutely blank if you’re not well prepared and it is also something which can be a drastic game career. Here are 4 things to keep in mind once after the IES results

Focus on the DAF 

Once you have received your UPSC IES results, now it’s time to sit down for your interview preparation and for this you can start off by focusing on your DAF. DAF is the detailed application form, where you can prepare for everything which you have mentioned in the DAF. Which means you should have all the knowledge about the state you belong to, the college and school you went to or any kind of job you have done in the past as any question can be targeted from this section. A good knowledge of your own background is essential to make you stand out as an ideal candidate. 

Revision is a must 

The second part is where you make sure you are well versed with all the theories and concepts. Even though your knowledge part has been tested in the written exam, there can be some random questions which can be asked from there as well, so it’s important to brush up your knowledge with the help of vigorous revision so you can avoid any curveballs in the interview. 

Stay updated 

The third category which you need to pay attention to is the current economy. You can stay updated about everything which is going on in the economy of the country with the help of newspapers which you can read everyday and make notes as well in order to stay up to date. You can then divide it further into sub topics like agriculture, industry, service and fiscal policy etc. Monthly magazines are also a great way to stay up to date with everything economics along with RBI reports, budget and economic surveys. This will not only help you with your interview preparation, it is also vital to stay updated about all things economy when you want to get into IES and once the IES results are out, you can actually take your time and learn more about the economy of your country to stand out from other aspirants.  

Mock interviews 

Make sure you sign up with a good platform for interviews as they will help you gain a lot of confidence and you can be mentally prepared for the actual interview. Ecoholics is a great platform, which takes care of your preparation even after the IES results and has given commendable results for IES over the years with AIR 1 secured by one of the students . You can take mock interviews and get personalised feedback on your performance and polish your speaking skills as well. 

We hope you find this blog helpful and know what to do next after your IES results with your interview preparation. Lastly, make sure you are polite and calm during the interview and avoid showing any signs of nervousness or anxiety. So take your time and ace your further preparation.

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